Residential and Commercial Fencing Services


Q. How Long Will It Take to Install Our New Fence?

A. The average length of time is anywhere from 1-3 days. This will vary based on the fence material, the size of the new fence and the degree of difficulty.

Q. Do We Need to Apply for a Fence Permit?

A. As your fence company, we will apply for the necessary fence permit and ensure that local ordinances are followed. We will not install a fence in a manner that could have a negative effect on you at any time in the future. It is still a good idea for you, the home owner, to know the local ordinances for your community and subdivision.

Q. Should We Cut the Grass Before the Installation Team Arrives Even Though MISS DIGG Has Marked the Yard?

A. Yes. So long as the paint markings are still visible and the MISS DIGG flags are not removed, you may maintain your lawn as usual. We actually prefer you do mow your lawn prior to our arrival. We also ask that you pick up any dog or animal waste.

Q. What Happens With the Extra Dirt From Digging the Holes for the Fence Posts?

A. Most of the time, the extra dirt will stay on-site. We pile it up around the new posts and spread under the fence to fill in any low areas in the grade. We do charge extra to take dirt and clay off-site. We will offer a discount if you have clay because we understand it will not break down and go back into the soil.

Q. What Happens With Our Old Fence?

A. Any and all existing fencing removed by us becomes the property of Michigan Fence Solutions, and we will dispose of all debris. We recycle chain-link and wood fencing.

Q. Do We Need to Be Home During the Fence Installation?

A. Although we love for you to be home and involved in the installation process of your new fence, we would not want to see you miss a day of work. All we need is access to water to mix the cement and a working outdoor power outlet.

Q. Are There Any Issues We Should Know About With Regards to Our Dog?

A. We are very dog-friendly. Although, we do ask that you keep your lovable dogs contained during the process. If you’ve ever been jumped on, sniffed all over and licked by 5 different dogs in a single day, well, you get the picture.