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Macomb County Privacy Fence Installers

Why do we build fences? To hold something in or to keep something out? For aesthetic purposes or utilitarian? To block unsavory sights or to prevent neighbors from spying? Maybe – just maybe we build fences for all of these reasons and more. The fact is, there are dozens of reasons for a fence to exist: safety, security, privacy, decoration . . . As you begin planning your new fence, consider the reasons for a fence and decide which features are most important to you. What do you hope to accomplish by building a fence?

The Reasons for a Fence


One of the most popular reasons for a fence is to protect people and animals. If you have children, dogs, cats, or even horses, a fence can keep them wrangled up in your yard, so that they don’t run off, injure themselves, or get lost. You might also be concerned with elements outside of your yard, like lakes, ponds, cliffs, or hills. By installing a fence, you ensure that no one within your yard will accidentally fall into a body of water, fall off a cliff, or climb a dangerous bluff.


A fence will also prevent strangers from easily entering your property. Whether you’re imagining criminals trespassing on your land, teenagers unknowingly traipsing through your garden, or deer sauntering through and munching on your apple trees, a fence is a great way to ward off uninvited guests.


Going right along with security, a fence is also a great way to establish the boundaries of your property. Sometimes people trespass on land accidentally, not realizing that they’re upsetting the owner. Other homeowners might be frustrated that their neighbors aren’t respecting the line that separates their properties. In situations like this, a fence will create a clear, hard-and-fast boundary.


Many homeowners think of their outdoor space as an extension of their indoor space. They want to achieve a high level of privacy in their yard or pool, so that they can relax and feel free to be themselves. If you’re worried about neighbors eavesdropping or spying on you, a privacy fence might be the perfect solution. For additional privacy, plant trees near your fence.


Although most fences are built for a utilitarian reason, once a homeowner decides to build a fence, the aesthetic appeal of the project should become a primary concern. Just because a fence has an important job to do, that doesn’t mean it can’t be regal and gorgeous. In addition, some homeowners choose to erect a fence primarily for its curb appeal. If you’ve always dreamt of having a white picket fence, a large fence draped with vines, or a stylish ornamental fence, why not make that dream a reality? Not every fence acts as a shield or barrier; some simply look lovely.


Is your neighbor’s yard filled with weeds and other unwelcome plant life? Is the vegetation attempting to trespass onto your lawn? Instead of allowing the weeds to grow unchecked, stop them by adding a fence. Although this won’t work for all weeds, some will stop in their tracks if you impede their progress with a defensive fence. You will need to choose a fence without many gaps that reaches to the ground, such as a vinyl privacy fence.


Finally, our last two reasons for a fence revolve around concealment. If you live on a noisy street or your neighbors throw a lot of parties, a privacy fence can buffer the noise somewhat. Noise-concealing fences can also benefit people who live near schools (good morning, marching band!), concert venues, restaurants, and generally lively streets.


Perhaps your partying neighbor also has a trashed backyard with overflowing garbage bins, yellow and patchy grass, and old furniture on the lawn. Or maybe your home is located next to an overflowing dumpster, an outlandish sculpture, a ramshackle shack, or just a very ugly house. Whatever the case may be, if you don’t want to see these unattractive sights from your yard, you can conceal them with a fence. Look for a tall, opaque fence that will hide anything you find unappealing. We recommend vinyl privacy fences for this purpose. source:

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